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Yoga and Stress Reduction

One out of three people – in greater or lesser extent – are stressed. In itself, stress is a normal phenomenon, something that stretches you as a rubber band, after which it springs back again, over and over. But when stress overrules, you’re rubber band looses it’s flexibility. It requires attention if you want to release stress. Conscious and deep breathing is one of the most powerful -and scientifically proven- ways to reduce stress. After this Going Deeper Comeback Day you can catch your breath again.

The combination of accessible Yin & Yang yoga and breathing sessions will teach you how to recognize stress in your body and how to reduce it. Besides that you’ll learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress. You’ll receive practical tools to intervene before stress takes you over. These techniques are directly applicable in your daily life. Experience the power of your breath and feel completely relaxed and full with new energy after this special Comeback Day.

About the teacher

Jasmijn is specialized in breathing techniques. She offers weekly classes and extensive workshops with a focus on yoga, breath and well-being.

For whom is this Going Deeper Day?

A special day for our Going Deeper students and for any curious students who wants to go deeper. As requested by Yoga Moves’ Going Deeper students, we organize a Going Deeper  – Comeback – day, meet each other again and others who want to go deeper into yoga.

Explore, discuss and feel what yoga means to you. Each Comeback Day is taught by one of our experienced Going Deeper teachers with a special topic linked to each day. Developed to inspire you again and support you further on your yoga path, after the Going Deeper days have come to an end.

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