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Are you ready to step out of your everyday life and into your own wonderful life?

Join José and Jasmijn on 23rd Feb 2022 from 8-9 pm, as they combine forces to offer you an experience that will show you the potential of what you could learn in their NEW 300 hour Yin Yoga RETREAT Teacher Training!

In this free session, you will experience firsthand the powerful combination of self-inquiry, The Work (with Jasmijn Koelink)  and Yin Yoga, Anatomy & Eastern Philosophies with José de Groot. Together they will guide you through a self-inquiry meditation and short Yin Practice.

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starting January 28th 2023

Are you interested in deepening your yoga practice and self-development? Or are you looking for a Yoga Teacher Training that will equip you not only with a thorough understanding and application of safe and personalized Yin yoga, but also tools to empower you to become a confident, inspiring, and self-aware teacher?

The goal of this new Yin Yoga RETREAT Teacher Training is to give you the ability to translate your understanding of the Yin yoga philosophy, Meridian theory, anatomy, and asana into a personalized and safe practice for yourself and others. The energetic awareness you gain helps you to connect to who you truly are and to relate to your yoga class and groups in general in your unique and self-confident way. The tools you gain to explore yourself and to inspire your students to grow through yoga by facing their ‘inner work’.

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