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Become a professional yoga teacher (RYT 200h) | SUMMER INTENSIVE

ADo what you love! Deepen your practice, learn how to teach and become a certified teacher. Are you ready to make this Summer special? 

Yoga Moves Utrecht offer their Summer Training Program (200 hours) as an intensive program in the summer/fall period. In 2022 it will be hosted by our friends from Yogaseads studio, located at the heart of the famous Scheveningen beach. These beautiful surroundings and a one-of-a-kind vibe will make the experience unique and definitely something to remember!

What can you expect from the training?

Master the fundamentals, broaden your understanding of yoga, help you to find your voice, your confidence, and learn how to share your love of yoga! Completing our program will mark the beginning of your new life.

From day one we will guide you in deepening your practice and honing your skills to become a confident and empowering teacher. Become a source of inspiration begins with your own personal yoga practice, both on and off the mat. Yoga is not just physical gymnastics, but a practice of the heart, mind and spirit. Be prepared to push your mental and physical boundaries through this journey.

When does the training start?

We start in August 2022

  • 20 – 27 August
  • 23 – 25 September
  • 14  – 16 October
  • 11 – 13 November
  • 25 – 27 November
  • 9 – 11 December

As a beginning yoga teacher, the first step is to enable you to share the gifts of yoga to a broad range of people. We focus on giving you a solid foundation and help you master the fundamentals. As a more experienced teacher, you look for depth and creativity, new ways to reach more people. Let us help you get there. We invite you to join one of our professional training programs. We hope it will mark the beginning (or continuation) of a successful career as a yoga teacher.


Yoga Moves Teacher Training Programs

The Yoga Moves Teacher Training Program consists of a Foundational Vinyasa Teacher Training (200 hrs). Since the start of our training school in 2001, Yoga Moves has successfully trained hundreds of alumni, some have become the most well-known yogis in The Netherlands. Make a difference in other people’s lives!

Yoga Moves Vinyasa Teacher Training (RYT 200h)

Do what you love! Deepen your practice. And learn how to teach.

Master the fundamentals, broaden your understanding of yoga, help you to find your voice, your confidence and learn how to share your love of yoga! Completing our program will mark the beginning of your new life as a skilled and inspired yoga teacher.

From day one we will guide you in deepening your practice and honing your skills to become a confident and empowering teacher. Become a source of inspiration begins with your own personal yoga practice, both on and off the mat. Yoga is not just physical gymnastics, but a practice of the heart, mind and spirit. Be prepared to push your mental and physical boundaries through this journey.

We offer the Vinyasa Teacher Training (200 hours) in 2 formats. Both programs have the same curriculum and hours of training:

  • Intensive Summer Training – starts 20 August 2022 in The Hague
  • Long Weekend Program starting January 2023

Ready to jump in and go on a journey with us? 

Yoga, Breath work, well being


Experience the Powerful combination of Yin Yoga & “The Work”

with José and Jasmijn.

Do you long for some peace, me-time and a deeper connection with yourself? Would you like to release physical and mental stress? Are you curious about how you can embrace your life in freedom? Or do you simply want to be pampered? Then this fully catered four day ‘Embrace the Possible’ retreat, at the beautiful location Venwoude in the middle of the forest, is for you!

Experience the powerful combination of Yin Yoga and The Work, in which you learn to deal with stressful thoughts from a deep connection in the here and now, and to let go of physical and emotional tension. A valuable gift and directly applicable in your daily life.

This retreat is about embracing all possibilities in your life, waiting to be discovered.

José and Jasmijn take you on a journey where peace, connection and insight are the key aspects. The journey consists of meditation, breathing, practicing yoga (Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga & Yang Flow), walks in silence, receiving Reiki and surprising The Work exercises. Resulting in: peace in your body and peace in your mind!

There is also plenty of room for personal time, relaxation, laughter, reading, enjoyment and delicious pure food.  This program supports you to return home with a clear mind and an open heart.

Are you looking for inspiration and more connection with yourself and others? Sign up for this retreat!


You can receive the detailed program on request. Below is a taste of what will be alternated and combined during these four days.


– The Work-

Learn how to explore stressful thoughts. A simple, profound and meditative practice, which gives you access to your inner wisdom and power.

You will apply The Work directly, so you experience how simple exercises can offer immediate insight. This enables you to break patterns, tackle the source of stress and get in touch with your inner freedom.

You do not need any experience with The Work, only an open mind. This method is simple but radical, in the most loving way you can imagine.



– Various Meditation & Yoga sessions –

The meditation, dynamic and relaxing yoga sessions (Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga & Yang Flow) provide reflection, depth and awareness of the relationship between your body and mind.

You practice yoga in a way that is most fitting for your body, so that you can release physical, mental and emotional blockages and tensions, and can literally move freely and confidently. When you are more physically relaxed, there is more connection with yourself and you can dive deeper into your mind. Which in turn will make noticing and questioning your thoughts easier.

And that is precisely the power of this four-day retreat: Discover how meditation, Yin Yoga & The Work surprisingly enriches your world!



– Breath, Acupressure & Reiki –

Receiving and practicing Reiki, conscious breathing and stimulating acupuncture points during the Yin yoga sessions, helps release blockages and tensions and triggers your body’s self-healing abilities. Everything is energy; thoughts, tension, emotions. When energy is flowing, there is freedom and healing in all parts of your life.

*The language used during the retreat is Dutch and/or English, depending on the participants.



Country Estate Venwoude is a beautiful location in the middle of the country, situated in the middle of the woods. It is known for its extraordinarily beautiful atmosphere, nature and loving care. The simple yet high-quality accommodation options, the beautiful rooms and the amazing vegetarian and organic meals.

The Embrace The Possible Retreat takes place in the beautiful bright Gentiaan room.

Below you will find more information about the lodging options.

Vuurse Lane 1
3749 AN Lage Vuursche


Jasmijn and José will guide you during this four-day journey and support you in embracing the possible. In groups – and individually if the situation demands it.

In 2012 their paths crossed during a Yin Yoga Teacher Training where José was the teacher and Jasmijn the participant. Since then, they join forces and experience that their characters, enthusiasm and interests complement each other beautifully.

Jasmijn Koelink

Jasmijn, organisational psychologist and yoga teacher, experiences The Work as a yoga practice for her mind – and extremely powerful for stress reduction. She is a certified facilitator of The Work and supports you in identifying limiting thoughts. She has been teaching weekly classes and teaching in yoga teacher training programs in the Netherlands for many years. She offers online sessions and specialised workshops, so you can take advantage of her guidance any time and any place. Her guidance is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners because Jasmijn integrates different options. All sessions are breath oriented, deep and relaxing at the same time. At JasmijnKoelink.com you can start immediately.


José de Groot

José is a yoga teacher and empowering healer. Her mission is to get you back in touch with your feelings, with your own power and to live from there. From feeling you learn to know and embrace your own uniqueness and to trust your own body and inner voice. You are unique, comparing with or imitating others makes no sense. When you live from your potential, freedom, joy and healing arise. Then there are no more obstacles or frameworks that limit you, only possibilities to do it differently, your way.

You can follow in person or online teacher trainings and workshops with José, in which you learn tools with which you can empower and heal yourself and/or others in order to return home to yourself. Or you can experience empowering healing in her yoga classes, private sessions and retreats.

To let you feel and get in touch with your unique self José uses Yin Yoga and other forms of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Practical Anatomy, Chinese Medicine, Yoga philosophy and breathing exercises. Follow her onInstagram


Eager to meet Jasmijn and José already?
– Catch your breath before the four-day retreat begins – free breathing sessions with Jasmijn.
– Listen to your heart – free Yin yoga class with José on her Youtube channel.


Dates & Price

Embrace the Possible Retreat – March 9 to 12, 2023
Arrival March 9th between 9 and 10am
Departure March 12th at 4pm

Early Bird Price, registration and payment before ____: €495
Regular Price, registration and payment after ______: €550

Price includes:

  • everything we offer & activities
  • delicious organic and vegetarian food

Price does not include:

  • accommodation
  • travel costs


Prices for the different accommodation options at Venwoude:

Prices excluding taxes
1 persons room: € 45
2 persons room (per person): € 35
Tent or camper spot: € 15

Including VAT and tourist tax
1 person room: €49.99
2 persons room (per person): €39.09
Tent or camper spot: € 17,29

Prices are per person and per night.

You can book your desired accommodation 3 months prior to the retreat here: www.venwoude.nl/boeken

Let your inner journey become your wisdom to share

A NEW Yin Yoga RETREAT teacher training with a unique 2-day reiki module & 5-day module on The Work (a form of Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction)  300+ hours | 33 contact days | yoga alliance certified



This transformative Yin Yoga RETREAT Teacher Training invites you to play, explore and tune in from a place of curiosity and your own unique perspective. The unique setting of the Venwoude Retreat Centre, located in the middle of the woods in the Netherlands, provides you with an opportunity to learn, integrate and reflect in a relaxed setting. Let go of your day-to-day life and allow your focus to embody the rich teachings of this training. 

The natural surroundings and relaxed atmosphere of this RETREAT will aid you to fully embrace  Anatomy, Yin yoga philosophy, Meridian theory and Yin yoga Asanas as well as learning to adapt poses within physical and emotional boundaries. Combining our holistic yoga approach with personal development (The Work created by Byron Katie) and energy work (Chi stimulation and Reiki), we will support you as you dive deep inside and connect with your heart and inner wisdom to dissolve blockages and trigger transformations.



Retreat Style Training
Unique Learning Experience

This is the first time the training is given in RETREAT form. This unique setting allows you to turn inwards and transform with no distractions from the outside world. 

Rest and absorb all the teachings at the stunning Venwoude Retreat, with a beautiful nurturing forest surrounding the centre, delicious vegetarian food to nourish your body and plenty of spaces to sit quietly and reflect. The unique RETREAT setting gives you extra time to fully integrate all the teachings, or to take as many power naps you need to rest and digest! When you want to do some extra practice outside of the training hours, make use of the practice room any time you want. Your dedicated team of teachers will also be staying onsite, to fully support your process.

Are you ready to step out of your everyday life and into your own wonderful life?

Holistic Yoga Approach
Yin Yoga, Anatomy & Eastern Philosophies with José de Groot

The foundation of this training is the holistic approach in which Asana, Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy and Eastern Health theories (5 elements, chi and meridians) of the human body are combined. This will empower you to teach beneficial, safe and personalized Yin yoga classes.

You will learn about: bones, movements, joints, muscles, fascia, organ functions, meridian pathways, chi, Taoism, Yoga Sutras, Meridian Theory and 5 Elements Theory in a practical and playful way, using the power of repetition and the sensitivity of all of our senses. This will help you to understand your own constitution and how to restore physical, emotional and mental imbalance with yoga poses, meditation, pranayama and lifestyle.

Explore 35 Yin poses of the upper and lower body and learn to analyze the individual possibilities, impossibilities and needs of your students, in order to offer personalized adjustments and suggestions, and teach functionally (focusing on feeling and experiencing the pose), rather than aesthetically (focusing on how the pose ‘should be’ performed).

Personal Development
The Work with Jasmijn Koelink

A first for YogaTreat trainings, Jasmijn will be introducing The Work to focus on personal inner work and freedom. With a deep connection with yourself, you can teach in an authentic & empowering way. This requires work and a willingness to move inwards: enhancing knowledge about yourself: knowing who you are, what you believe and what you want or need. The Work supports and guides you in this process. Question your thinking patterns and defense mechanisms step by step, in a structured way, to find your own truth and notice how your ego-mind is keeping you away from your authentic self. From this connection, you will think and act from a place of clarity, inner peace, and deep trust.

“Your most intimate relationship is the relationship with your thoughts” ~ Byron Katie, founder of The Work

Over 5 days you will learn the basics of The Work and you will deepen the process of self-realization. Learn how to live and apply insights gained into your daily life and teachings. Different exercises will be given to support you with possibilities to practice The Work in between the training days. We invite you to experience for yourself this simple, immediately applicable, and deeply personal work. Access your own inner wisdom, strengthen your personal leadership skills, feel more balanced and present in the moment and find a way to deal with (internal) conflicts. Discover that deep trust, inner peace, and intuition are always available to you and not dependent on other people’s wisdom

Energy Work

Reiki with Jordi Ibern

This RETREAT Training is enriched with a two day Reiki module offered by Jordi Ibern, who will initiate you into Reiki and teach you how to apply Reiki to yourself and others. Reiki is an integrally spiritual practice that is rooted in Buddhism, Shintoism and Taoism, and is largely based on the transmission of Chi (vital energy) conducted through the hands and in meditation. A Regular Reiki practice helps to bring personal realisation and spiritual satisfaction, which gives a special touch to your own practice.

You’ll also discover the special touch it can give to your future students using the unique transformative combination of a Yin Yoga & Reiki practice. These two meditative and spiritual practices combined enhances the deep healing effects of the asanas, promotes well-being and encourages inner growth. Jordi and José have combined Reiki & Yin Yoga since 2007, and together they have offered hundreds of classes, workshops and retreats. Yin Yoga is the perfect Yoga practice to be combined with the gentle touch of Reiki.

Yoga goes beyond the physical practice alone, it is a connection with your heart, mind and soul.

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