Terms and Conditions

The provider of this class will treat your data confidentially and will only use it for drawing up your invoice and sending (confirmation) emails. We will never provide your information to third parties.

As a buyer, I understand and accept that the purchase of this online class is exclusively for my own use. I agree not to share my login details and registration link with third parties as this is prohibited and traceable.

I understand that I participate in the class on Jasmijn Yoga at my own risk. Although Jasmijn does everything she can to make you move as safely as possible, I accept that any injury, damage, injury or other accident is not the responsibility of the yoga teacher Jasmijn Koelink.

I also understand that when I buy a class, course, workshop or membership, the end date cannot be changed, and the product cannot be put in someone else’s name. In addition, I agree not to distribute login details to third parties who have not paid for this.