Maandag: Slow Flow @Yoga Moves 8.15PM

Breath-oriented, intense and relaxing at the same time. Join my slow flow classes at Yoga Moves - Utrecht. During Slow Flow, you spend more time both within and between poses. As a result, you combine activity with relaxation -and class takes on a more meditative character. The foundation of this style is a gentle vinyasa (breath initiated movement) filled with relaxing and restorative poses where you rest for longer periods of time. Slow Flow brings balance. This makes it suitable if you are very active - or tired. Jasmijn has an eye for detail. She combines the [...]

Maandag: Vinyasa Yoga @Yoga Moves 5.30PM

Take a deep breath! Join Jasmijn's breath-based Vinyasa Yoga class at Yoga Moves Utrecht. Vinyasa is a dynamic style of yoga, in which the breath leads the movement. It is intensive and has a clear energetic beginning, middle and end. The challenge in this kind of flow movement is to remain aware of a good alignment of your body, to prevent injuries. Because the heart rate goes up and you increase your lung capacity, vinyasa yoga has an activating effect. It's a great practice if you want to develop more (muscle) strength and you are looking for a challenging practice [...]

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