RETREAT: Yoga and Stress Reduction – Zeeland (FULL)

Relax and refresh with Jasmijn Koelink Experience the power of breath and yoga in this relaxing weekend. Through the combination of accessible Hatha and Yin yoga, breathing techniques and meditation, you gain practical tools to recognize and reduce stress in your body.   One out of three people suffer from stress symptoms such as severe fatigue, tension or nervousness. During this weekend, you will literally catch your breath, as breathing is one of the most powerful and proven ways to reduce stress. Jasmijn will guide you through different breathing exercises to slow down, lengthen or regulate your breath. Which will [...]

Principles Of Practice

Principles of practice in Vinyasa Yoga Enjoy a deep and clear approach for practicing Vinyasa by exploring the fundamental principles that allow everybody to access yoga with easy and depth. Learn the tools of teaching and practice that include breath-centered movements, and principles that are easy to follow and help you to open up your whole body with understanding. Learn why these things are important to find alignment in your own body, and especially if you want to start teaching for understanding other bodies. You will explore why breath-centered movement can deepen your practice. You explore the stages of learning & teaching breath awareness, Ujjaiy [...]

Yoga & Breath Essentials, Italy

Yoga and Breath Essentials Join Jasmijn for a deeply invigorating and insightful week. Her gentle, soulful and knowledgeable approach to yoga is sure to make your retreat an unforgettable experience. Each day consist of a more energetic vinyasa flow and a restorative afternoon yin session. During this retreat Jasmijn will guide you through six key instructions that -once mastered- will keep you safe in about eighty percent of all yoga postures. The additional focus will be on different breathing techniques. Learning to breathe deeper and more aware has numerous benefits for both physical and emotional well-being. Knowing that every body [...]

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