Massage Workshop with Tennisballs

Special Yin Yoga Workshop Using Tennis Balls To Release Tension in your body WITH JASMIJN KOELINK 10 OCTOBER 2021 from 2-5 PM at Yoga Moves De-stress, Recover and Relax In this workshop, you’ll experience the effect of Yin-related Yoga on your body in a long session – using a tennis ball. This will give you some insights and techniques to help you to become more flexible and you’ll learn to release tension and pain. It can also free emotional energy stored in the body. By using tennis balls, relaxing becomes much easier than one might think. Anyone can do it! Afterward, [...]

RETREAT: Yoga and Stress Reduction – Zeeland (FULL)

Relax and refresh with Jasmijn Koelink Experience the power of breath and yoga in this relaxing weekend. Through the combination of accessible Hatha and Yin yoga, breathing techniques and meditation, you gain practical tools to recognize and reduce stress in your body.   One out of three people suffer from stress symptoms such as severe fatigue, tension or nervousness. During this weekend, you will literally catch your breath, as breathing is one of the most powerful and proven ways to reduce stress. Jasmijn will guide you through different breathing exercises to slow down, lengthen or regulate your breath. Which will [...]

Going Deeper Comeback Day

Yoga and Stress Reduction One out of three people – in greater or lesser extent – are stressed. In itself, stress is a normal phenomenon, something that stretches you as a rubber band, after which it springs back again, over and over. But when stress overrules, you’re rubber band looses it’s flexibility. It requires attention if you want to release stress. Conscious and deep breathing is one of the most powerful -and scientifically proven- ways to reduce stress. After this Going Deeper Comeback Day you can catch your breath again. The combination of accessible Yin & Yang yoga and breathing [...]

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